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The Importance of Being Seen: Why Sales Demos on Camera Matter

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The Importance of Being Seen: Why Sales Demos on Camera Matter

In today's digital sales environment, the dynamic between salespeople and their prospects has fundamentally shifted. As the founder of Found and Chosen, I've noticed a concerning trend during sales demos: salespeople opting out of turning on their cameras. This observation brings us to an essential question: Is it now acceptable to conduct camera-off sales demos, or are we losing a vital element of the sales process?

First and foremost, being visible during a demo does more than just put a face to a name—it builds trust. When you're on camera, it demonstrates transparency and confidence in both yourself and the product you're presenting. It allows for non-verbal communication, which can be incredibly powerful. A nod, a smile, or an empathetic expression can make all the difference in connecting with a prospect and fostering a relationship that goes beyond the transactional.

From my recent experiences, I've attended several sales demos where the salesperson remained off-camera. This approach, frankly, felt disconnected. It left me wondering about the authenticity and engagement of the salesperson. Is this becoming a new norm, or is it a missed opportunity?

As sales managers, it's crucial to ensure that your team understands the importance of on-camera presence. A quick quality assurance check could make a significant difference. Encourage your team to turn on their cameras, engage effectively, and remember that like any face-to-face interaction, a virtual meeting should be approached with the same professionalism and enthusiasm.

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