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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and the B2B Evolution: The Found&Chosen Perspective

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Account-Based Marketing and B2B's Evolution: Found&Chosen's Perspective

A New Era in Business Development & Marketing

In the last six months, working closely with our 35+ clients and their BDR/AE teams, a few startling patterns emerged that are redefining the way we approach business development and marketing:

1. The Disruption of Traditional Playbooks

  • Cold email approaches, traditional cadences, and conventional data-driven tactics have seen a sharp decline in their efficacy.
  • Oversaturated inboxes, with repetitive and undistinguished content, have made it challenging to stand out.

2. The Profitability Conundrum

  • Leaders grapple with the dilemma of maintaining "profitable-ish" teams that might be underperforming. Despite achieving slight profitability, the morale and cultural impact of hardworking teams getting minimal returns can't be ignored.

3. The Fluctuating Dynamics of ACV

  • Companies are scaling down, resulting in fewer seat purchases. What was once expansion revenue often transitions to contraction.
  • Financial officers are increasingly mandating a 30% cut in software costs upon renewals. 

4. The Rise of Lean Teams

  • A surprising number of businesses have downsized BDR teams without witnessing a slowdown in pipeline generation.
  • The shift is towards leaner, more efficient teams that prioritize quality leads and higher engagement.

5. The Emergence of the “New Playbook”

  • Building an influential brand, particularly through founder-led content, is proving to be a goldmine for lead generation in the B2B landscape.

6. Redefining Predictability and Efficiency

  • With this "new playbook," we’re seeing 25% fewer leads but with a much leaner team. Yet, these leads are higher quality, resulting in a 25% increase in ARR.
  • The challenge lies in the unpredictable nature of this model, which, while potent, can be harder to forecast and scale.

7. Pipeline Challenges in the Modern Landscape

  • The consistent feedback: organizations are yearning for high-intent, warm lead sources. While BDRs were traditionally the answer, recent shifts indicate a need for more innovative solutions   

8. Embracing the Dual Funnel Approach

  • The strategic shift from focusing solely on MQLs to integrating both MQLs and MQAs is no longer just preferable; it's crucial.

9. The Implications for Executive Leadership

  • Leaders who don't recognize and adapt to this dual funnel paradigm risk pushing their teams down a path of dwindling returns. The stark reality is that by neglecting this, they're not just compromising on lead quality but also quantity. Overlooking the vast potential of the dual funnel approach is a missed opportunity of monumental proportions.

We are not here to stand on this soapbox of issues though. Here are 2 resources that can help you converse with your team to address and solve for these issues.

The last six months have unequivocally shown that the traditional "Predictable Revenue" model, heavily reliant on vast BDR teams executing similar strategies, has reached its twilight. The call to action for businesses today is clear: Embrace newer, leaner, and more efficient strategies that prioritize quality, leverage brand authority, and ensure timely engagement. The next wave of industry leaders will undoubtedly be those who adapt, innovate, and optimize in this "new era" of business development and marketing.


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