FC CRM Premium Support Tasks Catalog


1. Troubleshooting and Fixes

Troubleshoot and Fix Salesforce Configuration Errors

  • Diagnose issues with Salesforce setup (e.g., security settings, workflow rules, and validation rules).
  • Implement fixes for identified configuration issues.

Troubleshoot and Fix Salesforce Apex Code Errors

  • Enable debug logs and diagnostic tools to identify issues in Apex code.
  • Address and correct errors in Apex classes or triggers.

Troubleshoot and Fix Salesforce Integration Errors

  • Diagnose issues in Salesforce integrations (e.g., with third-party APIs, Salesforce Connect, or platform events).
  • Resolve integration errors to ensure smooth data flow and functionality.

Fix Salesforce Data Connectivity Issues

  • Address issues related to Salesforce data sources, external objects, and connection settings.
  • Ensure reliable connectivity and data exchange between Salesforce and external systems.

Resolve Salesforce Authentication Issues

  • Troubleshoot Single Sign-On (SSO), OAuth, and other authentication mechanisms failing.
  • Fix login and access control issues to secure user access.

Troubleshoot and Fix Salesforce Lightning Component Issues

  • Diagnose and resolve issues with Lightning Components (e.g., UI bugs, performance issues).
  • Ensure components function correctly across all devices and platforms.

2. Customization and Enhancement


Custom Salesforce Page Layouts and Record Types

  • Customize Salesforce UI, including page layouts, record types, and Lightning pages to fit business needs.
  • Ensure optimal user experience and data presentation.

Salesforce Data Management and Cleanup

  • Assist with data import, export, deduplication, and cleansing.
  • Ensure data integrity and optimize database performance.

Custom Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

  • Develop custom reports and dashboards tailored to specific business requirements.
  • Optimize performance and provide insights for decision-making.

Salesforce Automation Customization

  • Customize and develop workflow rules, Process Builder processes, and Flow automations.
  • Enhance operational efficiency through automation.


3. Lead and Account Management


Lead Flow Configuration and Optimization

  • Assist with designing and implementing efficient lead capture, qualification, and distribution processes within Salesforce.
  • Integrate with marketing automation platforms (e.g., HubSpot) for seamless lead flow between systems.

Lead and Account-Based Scoring Setup

  • Configure lead scoring models in Salesforce and marketing automation tools to prioritize leads effectively.
  • Implement account-based scoring to evaluate and prioritize accounts based on potential value or engagement level.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) Integration

  • Set up processes to track and associate MQLs and lead-scored MQLs with corresponding contacts, accounts, and opportunities in Salesforce.
  • Ensure seamless transition of leads through the sales funnel, enhancing alignment between marketing and sales efforts.

Lead and Account-Based Routing

  • Develop and implement lead-based and account-based routing rules to ensure leads and opportunities are assigned to the appropriate sales representatives or teams.
  • Optimize lead distribution for efficiency and effectiveness in engaging prospects.

Lead and Account-Based Reporting

  • Customize Salesforce to generate insightful reports and dashboards on lead and account activities, performance, and outcomes.
  • Enable data-driven decision-making through detailed analytics on lead generation, conversion rates, and account engagement.

4. Opportunity Management and Product Lines


Opportunity Management Customization

  • Configure Salesforce to support customized opportunity management processes, including rules for creation, progression, and closure.
  • Implement opportunity QA reporting to ensure data quality and process adherence.

Association of Product Lines with Opportunities and Accounts

  • Customize Salesforce to associate specific product lines with opportunities and account records, enabling targeted sales strategies and reporting.
  • Facilitate product-specific sales forecasting and performance tracking

5. Campaign Management and Reporting


Salesforce Campaign Setup and Management

  • Support the creation and management of marketing campaigns within Salesforce, ensuring alignment with overall marketing strategies.
  • Integrate Salesforce campaigns with external marketing platforms for comprehensive campaign execution and tracking.

Campaign Reporting and Dashboards

  • Develop custom dashboards and reports in Salesforce for real-time tracking of campaign performance, ROI, and impact on leads and sales.
  • Provide insights into campaign effectiveness and recommendations for optimization.

6. Optimization, Maintenance and Strategy


Salesforce Org Health Check and Maintenance

  • Perform regular health checks to identify potential issues.
  • Implement best practices for org maintenance, including unused feature cleanup and optimization.

Salesforce Mobile Optimization

  • Ensure Salesforce mobile app customization and optimization for field personnel.
  • Address mobile-specific issues for seamless access on various devices.

Salesforce Deployment and Change Management

  • Assist with Salesforce release updates, sandbox management, and deployment strategies.
  • Ensure smooth transition and adoption of new features and updates.

Strategic Salesforce Advisory Services

  • Provide guidance on Salesforce architecture, best practices, and strategic planning.
  • Offer insights on leveraging Salesforce to achieve business goals.

Strategic Advisory on Salesforce Marketing and Sales Alignment

  • Offer strategic guidance on aligning Salesforce setup and processes with marketing and sales objectives to maximize efficiency and ROI.
  • Consult on best practices for integrating marketing automation tools with Salesforce to achieve a unified view of marketing and sales activities.
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