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Account Based Marketing is Evolving
Orchestrate Inbound + Outbound + Nearbound.

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At Found&Chosen, we provide access to a global network of top-tier ABM marketing specialists, all trained and certified in our proven ABM Program. Our clients progress seamlessly from Seed through Series A and up to the Series B stage.

Our Singular Focus: REVENUE.

Our deployed Squad Leaders come with extensive in-house experience, possess strategic acumen of the highest caliber, and excel in execution.

 We collaborate with meticulously selected marketing specialists who are experts in orchestrating comprehensive Account Based Marketing Programs.

Our approach integrates Inbound, Outbound, and Nearbound strategies to ensure your growth is robust and sustained.

Whether you require a fully outsourced ABM Program or a comprehensive playbook to enable your in-house ABM Program Manager, we fully embrace and support your growth aspirations.

With our program, you benefit from a holistic approach:

Inbound Strategies

 Attracting and nurturing high quality leads through targeted content and strategic engagement.

Outbound Strategies

Proactively reaching out to potential high-value accounts with personalized and impactful messaging.

Nearbound Strategies

Leveraging existing relationships and networks to drive new opportunities and expand your reach.

At Found&Chosen, we ensure that your growth is not only achieved but sustained through a finely tuned blend of Inbound, Outbound, and Nearbound strategies, all aimed at maximizing your market impact and driving scalable success.

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The ABM Program

Embrace Tomorrow, Today.


The AI-Driven ABM Program isn't just a leap forward—it's a transformation of the marketing landscape. Traditional AI tools may be siloed, but our approach starts by fine-tuning your Revenue Operations. We’ll refine your current systems while strategically planning how AI can enhance every touchpoint along your customer and prospect journeys.


Customize to Connect.


Unlock the full potential of AI to personalize your marketing engagements. Our ABM program enables you to create and adapt content that directly resonates with your target audience, building deeper, more meaningful connections. With seamless integration into your Go To Market strategies, our AI Resources Department ensures you meet your customers and prospects exactly where they are, maximizing impact and conversion opportunities.

Don’t Break It, Optimize It. 


With our AI-Driven ABM Program, partner with seasoned experts to architect the perfect AI-powered solution for your Revenue team. Our sophisticated AI architecture not only complements your existing tech stack but revolutionizes it, increasing efficiency across your Go To Market operations. This enables a sharper focus on engaging and expanding your customer base more effectively than ever before.


Re Architect your core CRM.

To integrate AI throughout your Go To Market, your CRM is going to need to be in a really healthy place.  Start there before introducing AI. 

Master Your Brand's Voice

Use AI data, and an AI Voice of the Brand, to reach your prospects on multiple channels, including phone calls and personalisation without the headache of driving an SDR team.

AI Data to drive it all smoothly

With the AI Resources Department, we’ve tested and optimized the best current vendors in market to select target accounts at the right time, the best ads for their stage, the who within those accounts are engaging and when to push them to the next stage

Outbound is going to be the first human to human role to change.

Manage the voice of your brand, and power every interaction with your prospects and clients– whether that interaction is with AI or a Human.

Don’t forget your customer journey. 

All of the above can be used to retain and expand your relationships with clients more effectively and efficiently. 

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